LeFinnisseur Breather Bags

LeFinnisseur Breather Bags

Maximize your output and save space by installing the lungs outside the silo.


Custom made from 2 to 8 feet in diameter 5-60 feet in length.


Our breather bags are designed with a reinforced PVC which provides a superior strength.


The pvc resin eyelets and adapters are welded to the canvas for durability. Over the years our product has distinguished itself by its highly superior quality.


Airtight silos with low oxygen atmosphere.

The main characteristic of airtight silos is their ability to minimize contact between air and stored food. Oxygen spoils moist foods, causing both visible decomposition and invisible loss of nutritional value.


In airtight tower silos, pressure compensating bags, also called breather bags, limit decomposition by restricting oxygen intake; during harvest, compensating bags are used to regulate the pressure inside the silos. When the silos are exposed to the heat of the sun the contents inside heat up and push up the gases which forms a pressure on the compensating bags and the air comes out to the outside at a certain pressure level.


The opposite is true at night when the silo cools, the gases contract and air from outside is drawn into the compensating bags.


Traditional silos allow this exchange to occur freely with outside air and deterioration is typically increased. In a common silo system, like the Harvestore® brand, breather bags serve to trap expanding gases in the silo during times of heat expansions and pulling that trapped air out of the bag on the contraction – this system dramatically reduces silage spoilage levels.


Harvesting silage at medium humidity results in a tastier feed, which further promotes the intake of dry matter by the animals. Grains are stored whole, at 22-28% moisture content, that is, at their normal moisture content at harvest. And storage at medium humidity eliminates the problem of freezing in winter.